Moving sport and community organisations PERFORMANCE into the 21st century

RSC has been the driving force behind some of sports management’s most innovative and successful organisational development and volunteer training solutions. We have helped steer many community organisations and councils through challenging issues.

Our modern approach to providing real solutions for volunteers is producing instant results.

Whether you are functioning ‘well’ or in ‘crisis’ our services will meet your needs.

We have been highly successful for the past two decades enabling organisations to significantly improve their management, governance, quality and number of volunteers, secure their financial sustainability and decrease fraud, and improve the standard of facility management and plan for their future.

RSC Solutions offers a diverse range of services for sporting and community organisations and we are committed to modernising all aspects of not for profit organisations and to providing practical solutions to Organisational Improvement and People Management, Education and Training.

RSC Solutions’ services provide practical solutions to Organisational Improvement and People Management Education and Training. RSC Solutions services are further supported by our comprehensive online products – ‘Modern Club Management Kit’- your one stop shop to ensuring success!

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