Modern Club Management Kit (MCM Kit)

The MCM Kit was developed to address community organisations’ issues and reduce these unprecedented pressures by ensuring committees/boards don’t spend one second wasting time reinventing the wheel.

All the critical information is provided and ready for immediate use, all you need to do is implement!

What’s unique about the Kit?

The Modern Club Management Kit has been designed to provide committee/board personnel and their volunteer workforce short, sharp, visual training and support information relevant to an organisation’s size and obligations. The information required for a small club is very different to that required of an association or state body, hence there is more than one Kit available.

No more printing required - everything is easily accessed and controlled by you via MCM Kit’s Web straight to your members’ computer, tablet or smart phone.

Your workforce, parents, players and members may view the information relevant to them - all you have to do is control who has access to what, making the whole education and training process so very EASY.

A Glimpse at the MCM Kit - Training Kits

The MCM Kit ‘Training Kits’ will provide your players, parents, members, volunteers, committee and board individuals short, sharp information and training utilising visual information, videos and downloadable factsheets they can access and view on their own device. Utilising the ‘Training Kits’ will ensure everybody receives the training they need to orientate them to the organisation, and your volunteer workforce understands what risks there may be and what their job entails, with as little stress as possible.

Let’s take a quick look at the Training Kits available for individuals

Sport Training Kits include ‘Training Kits’, ‘Critical Induction Info Pak’ and ‘Specific Position Paks’

  • Committee and Board
  • Volunteer
  • Members/Players/Parents
  • Staff

Community Training Kits include ‘Training Kits’, ‘Critical Induction Info Pak’ and ‘Specific Position Paks’

  • Committee and Board - training and committee position paks
  • Volunteer Pak

A Glimpse at the MCM Kit –‘Organisational Improvement Paks’

‘Improvement Paks’ provide web files for viewing and downloadable files for you to adjust to your specific needs. The Paks are designed to assist the committee/board to modernise and improve their performance as they need.

On purchase of a full licence, users will have complete access to all specific ‘Information Paks’ or if you wish you can purchase the Paks individually.

Let’s take a quick look at the 'Improvement Paks' available for use

Some of the Pak’s available are:

  • Affiliation and Budget Pak
  • AGM Pak
  • Canteen and Bar Pak
  • Child Protection Pak
  • Communication and File Security Pak
  • Facility Risk Mitigation Pak
  • Finance Pak
  • Member Protection Policy and Procedures Pak
  • Modern Governance Pak
  • Sponsorship and Marketing Pak
  • Volunteer Marketing and Recruitment Pak
  • Volunteer Reward Pak
  • Volunteer Workforce Health and Safety Pak

How can you access the MCM Kit for your organisation?

All clubs working directly with RSC receive access to all or part of the MCM Kit based on their project.

The Kit is accessed by licence issued by RSC Solutions and is available for sporting organisations at all levels (national to club), community organisations and local governments.

RSC currently has multiple local government authorities and state bodies who have purchased a licence for their clubs’ unlimited use.

Clubs and Associations Kits

The cost of the Kit is inexpensive and very affordable for clubs!

Clubs and Associations can purchase a licence that will enable them to access everything or only individual Paks - the choice is yours!

Purchasing the Kit also meets the criteria for funding support if you would rather apply under a grant.

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Local Government Kits

Local Governments can purchase a licence that will enable all community organisations in their authority with unlimited access to the MCM Kit.

A purchase of a licence will dramatically improve the level of support for very little human or financial investment. Some Councils who currently have a full licence to access the Kit includes – Bundaberg, Mackay and Morten Bay Regional Council.

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State and National Bodies Kits

State and National bodies can purchase a licence that will provide all member organisations with unlimited access to the MCM Kit.

The Kit can also be adapted to the specific organisation’s needs if required and branded appropriately. Some State Sporting Organisations that currently have a full licence to access the kit includes – ATHRA, Baseball Queensland, Cricket Queensland, Hockey Queensland, Pistol Shooting Queensland, Riding for the Disabled Queensland and Surf Life Saving Queensland.

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