Modern Governance Systems that reflect what’s needed today not what was 20 years ago

Our organisational structures, constitutions and strong governance systems are built to suit the new needs of generation x, y and z members and volunteers and truly embed succession and underpins success.

Member Protection: how to embed policy and procedure into everything you do and most importantly how to best manage any breaches and sanctions when required.

Financial Management and Security is critical to an organisation’s sustainability

How to decrease financial fraud!

Secure your finances and cash. How to greatly improve your organisation's financial position - keep budgeting simple and how to transition to utilising more secure modern online financial packages that reduce your volunteer workload and increase security.

Increasing Revenue Streams - Modern sponsorship and marketing strategies - how to better manage canteen, bar and merchandise revenue and a modern take on fundraising.

Modern Affiliation Systems - User pays affiliation systems that always ensure there are funds to deliver programs, maintain facilities, purchase equipment and support volunteers.

Communication/IT- Data Storage Systems that reduce stress

Modern communication systems, strategies and technology that actually reduces workload and increases productivity for not for profit organisations.

How to get the best out of social media and technology that actually improves communication and reduces workload?

Online training systems to ensure your volunteers receive training in the manner that best suits their needs.

We assist community organisations to improve the management and storage of critical data and organisation information utilising modern technology so it’s secure and not on individual personal computers.

Performance Reviews with Real Solutions that secure your future

Organisation Reviews that determine what is operating successfully and what is not, and provide solutions that improve performance levels.

Comprehensive financial review that takes a look at financial operations, expenditure, income streams, reporting systems and security and devise solutions to mitigate risk and secure financial stability.

Facility and Asset Review - Analysis of what you’ve got, what you need and most importantly what you can afford!

Crisis Management - be it financial or not - we have had much success!

  • Saving organisations from the brink of bankruptcy and placing them in a strong financial and operating position within a very short time frame
  • Resolving those long term issues or people impacting performance
  • Resolving issues of in house fighting, fractional issues, juniors and seniors
  • Disputes resolution
  • Resolving ‘Multi Use Facility Management’ issues, control, access, standards of facility and financial status

Risk Mitigation

How to ensure your facilities and programs risks are mitigated or removed to protect your volunteer workforce and meet legislative requirements and industry standards.

Child protection legislation requires much more than a blue card.

We build child protection into everything you do in order to protect the children, adults working with young people and the organisation to ensure you meet your legislative obligations and members’ expectations.

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